Tuition fee €2,200 per year
Application fee €160 one-time

Non refundable

Deposit €500 one-time
Dormitory fee €115 per month

It requires to pay additional 60 EUR for Dormitory deposit.

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Academic profile

This programme provides students with knowledge in career counseling and management of career development in multicultural environment of education and employment.

Learning objectives:

  • Knowledge in career development, counseling and communication theories, career service management and different types of career development in organizations;
  • Understanding of professional ethics in counseling communication, the latest trends in employment and job search, social integration and intercultural aspects;
  • The opportunity to develop and strengthen the skills of communication of counseling process as well as the skills of IT in career counseling and research skills, where research methods are applied;
  • The opportunity to arouse interest in research activities and to have practical training in the presentation of research results.

The full-time degree programme covers 2 academic years. In the 1st year, general skills and abilities for career counselors in different types of educational and employment institutions are acquired, practices in investigation of counseling fields and observation of counseling process are carried out. The 2nd year focuses on specific and common professional skills in career counseling, application of these skills in two practices of counseling and counseling research. The study programme is completed with the defense of a masters thesis.

The studies are based on a dynamic and innovative knowledge provided by experienced knowledgeable and responsive academic staff as well as open and friendly study environment. The programme offers you practical solutions how to organize and manage the career counselling process of education and employment sectors.

Career opportunities

Educational and leadership positions in career counseling institutions, adult education, career and counseling centers, government institutions in the education sector. Students may also choose to continue studies in a respective Doctoral study programme at universities of Latvia or abroad.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment